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Knowledge of THK Ball Bushing

Time:2021-12-11 17:50:31 Visits:586 views

THK ball bushing is a mechanical device, which is generally made of metal. It is also made of other raw materials due to different uses. THK ball bushing can be large or small, ranging from the chute at the upper part of the curtain to the track of the train. No matter large or small, the function is incomparable. It is mainly used in linear reciprocating motion. It is divided into two categories: roller THK ball bushing and ball THK ball bushing. THK ball bushing has many contents. How much do you know about THK ball bushing? Let's have a look

THK ball bushing structure

THK ball bushing is mostly linear. THK ball bushing is mostly made of chromium bearing steel. Of course, carburized bearing steel can also be used. Its surface has transverse or longitudinal grooves or grooves to guide objects to slide. Therefore, THK ball bushing is also called slide rail, which can accurately realize accurate linear movement under heavy load, Structural design should pay attention to the accuracy of quenching and require high process requirements, otherwise fracture or deformation will occur.

THK ball bushing classification

According to the motion track, it is divided into linear THK ball bushing and circumferential THK ball bushing. According to the working nature, it can be divided into main motion THK ball bushing, feed motion THK ball bushing and displacement THK ball bushing. According to the friction nature, it can be divided into sliding THK ball bushing and rolling THK ball bushing. According to the stress situation, it can be divided into open THK ball bushing and closed THK ball bushing, In short, the classification of different situations has different purposes.

THK ball bushing application

THK ball bushing is widely used, ranging from sliding doors and curtains to train tracks. It is also mainly used in various machine tool operations. Of course, many THK ball bushings are used on machines or facilities that need sliding to reduce friction and loss. In short, its application is eye-catching