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Daily maintenance of THK slider

Time:2021-12-08 18:39:18 Visits:646 views

For hardware products, some ordinary basic maintenance is also important. In this way, the service time can be extended. In addition, after a certain running in, they can adapt to each other. If the product is replaced, on the one hand, it is a waste of materials and on the other hand, it needs to consume a certain amount of time. Today, we want to talk about the daily maintenance of THK slider. What precautions are there?

What are the maintenance steps?

First, pay attention to check the overall tightness of THK slider, so as to prevent sudden failure during use. Secondly, check the basic state of the guide rail, such as the overall installation and whether the screw accessories are fixed, so as to ensure that the whole is in a safe and balanced state, which is also for the overall use safety, etc.

How to maintain normally?

In fact, the maintenance of THK slider is mainly carried out from all aspects. On the one hand, if there is wear, we should replace it in time during maintenance and inspection, which is also to ensure follow-up work; On the one hand, pay attention to the overall anti rust and lubrication work, and keep it in a relatively dry environment. These two points are particularly important in ordinary maintenance; In addition, it is not allowed to knock on one side to avoid damage to the internal structure and overall installation.

What are the precautions?

First of all, remember to check the oil quantity regularly when using it, and keep it in an appropriate state, not too high or too low; Secondly, when it is in the working state, if the temperature exceeds 80 ℃, remember to open the THK slider as soon as possible to check the work of relevant accessories; In addition, you should also pay attention to the overall state during installation.