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THK Ball Screw type summary

Time:2021-12-11 17:59:05 Visits:921 views

DIN standard ball screw

The flange shape, mounting hole and rated load of the nut shall comply with din69051.

Ball holder type

The ball holder is used to realize the ball screw with low noise, low torque change and long-term maintenance free.

Shaft end finished product BNK type

The ball screw of screw shaft with high precision grinding is used.

Precision ball screw and ball spline

A ball screw groove and a ball spline groove are arranged cross on one shaft, and the stroke and rotation units of special support bearings are directly installed on the periphery of each ball screw nut.

Standard stock precision ball screw (shaft end unprocessed)

This type of ball screw is manufactured on a large scale by cutting the standard screw shaft of precision ball screw into ordinary length. It is very easy to process the shaft end of the lead screw.

Standard shaft end unfinished rolled ball screw

By using the guide plate, the outer diameter of the nut is round and compact. The lead screw shaft implements high-precision rolling forming, which can obtain smooth movement.

Support unit

The attached shaft standard of the support unit is provided with shaft end, EK, FK, EF and FF types of finished products, and BK and BF types commonly used for ball screw. The fixed side support unit is assembled with jis5 grade oblique contact bearing with preload adjustment.

Nut seat

This is the shaft end of the attached shaft standard and the standardized nut support of the finished product, which is directly bolted on the workbench. The height dimension is low and only needs to be installed on the workbench with bolts.

Lock nut

The locking nut for ball screw can fix the screw shaft and bearing simply and accurately. The anti loosening mechanism of hexagon socket fixing screw and mounting plate can be firmly fixed.

THK ball screw type is provided by THK company, the company's main THK full range of products. Around us, objects moving in a straight line can be seen all the time. At THK, all this is due to our newly developed linear motion (LM) guide rail, which can make the equipment move in a straight line accurately. Relying on this manufacturing know-how, we can continuously manufacture new linear oriented products and expand the range of products. For more details, please pay attention to THK ball screw type Daquan. Our LM guide rail is used to guide large automatic glass doors in many new intelligent office buildings. Due to the increased weight and wind force borne by such doors, traditional plastic resin rollers cannot be used. Our LM guide rail can overcome these problems, make the door mechanism more compact and the design and modeling of the door more free. THK ball screw type Daquan.

The pendulum motion is similar to the motion of human body joints. The parts are smoothly joined together, and in the past, complex motion may create gaps between the parts. "Joints" or "couplers" between machine parts are also widely used. THK products that can perform swing motion include "connecting rod ball", "rod end bearing" and "spherical bearing". In particular, our high-performance connecting rod ball has been manufactured with our unique technology since the establishment of THK. THK connecting rod ball is widely used in stabilizer which is very important for automobile comfort and safety. By controlling and connecting the movement of the left and right suspension systems, the connecting rod ball can reduce the risk of vehicle rollover and stabilize the vehicle.

Some machine tools need to move not only along a straight line, but also along a smooth curve. For this purpose, THK provides "R guide rail" and "linear curve guide rail" devices. These devices can provide extremely accurate guidance functions that cannot be achieved only by the traditional combination of rotation and linear motion. Our R guide rail is also used in bingo game consoles in the game hall. The large sealed chamber needs vibration and rotation to disrupt the number ball of bingo game console. The R guide rail can ensure the stable and reliable swing of the game console.

When two straight lines move at an angle of 90 degrees, more free motion can be achieved. This is an extension of linear motion. Free motion on the plane is applied to various fields. "Shock absorption" technology can reduce the damage caused by seismic waves and is an effective means to deal with earthquakes. When lm guide rails are combined in straight intersection, they can move freely on the plane. When combined with damping rubber pad, it forms the basis of THK's unique damping system. Through the accumulated technical know-how in the process of manufacturing LM guide rail, THK is creating new systems that can protect people's lives and property in natural disasters.

Mechanical motion can be basically divided into rotary motion and linear motion. Ball bearing is one of the common machine parts that can realize rotary motion, but in THK's products, the more representative rotary motion equipment belongs to our "cross roller collar". These devices can provide efficiency that ball bearings cannot provide. The cross roller collar is used in the rotating part of the arc welding automatic machinery of the factory production line. Because the cross roller collar itself is rigid in the direction of each radial and axial torque load, it can be used to form a compact joint of automatic machinery.

Spiral motion can be realized through rotation and linear motion. The combination of these motions can achieve accurate and complex positioning. THK's "ball screw spline" is equipped with ball screw nut and spline shaft bushing on a single shaft. A single compact structure can realize rotation and linear motion at the same time. Scalar automatic machines are used to transport and position workpieces in a small range. LM guide rail system plays an important role in its stroke motion and rotation accuracy on z-axis (high speed and low runout are essential here).